Award: InfoComm 2019 Best of Show

Saker Tab-Tension CineGrey 5D® Series


About the Award: The Best of Show awards are culled from submissions made to prior to the InfoComm event, were selected for recognition by their editorial staff based on a variety of factors. Cutting-edge technology, always in evidence at InfoComm in the large-venue/high-lumen segment, made for some easy calls. But they also studied the mid-priced and lower-budget categories where most of the projector business gets done. It is here that a unique feature or form factor may differentiate one product over another, or where a low price point suggests a bargain that can resonate for integrators all year round. Nor have we ignored the screen manufacturers, where another revolution—this one in ambient-light-rejecting screens—is simultaneously assisting the transformation of the projection industry.

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