The Saker Tab-Tension DarkUST® Gets the Projector Central’s Highly Recommended Award

  • Award: Projector Central Highly Recommended Award
  • Product: Saker Tab-Tension DarkUST® Series
  • Award Listing: (Click Here)


About the Award: Projector Central’s Highly Recommended designation is earned by products offering extraordinary value or performance in their price class.

About the Saker Tab-Tension DarkUST® Series

The Saker Tab-Tension DarkUST® is a Ceiling Light Rejecting (CLR®) projector screen that is made specifically for UST (ultra-short-throw) projectors. It is designed for small spaces where a standard long throw projector cannot be accommodated. In addition to this, the ambient light rejecting technology allows for bright room installations such as boardrooms, conference rooms or training facilities. Typical matte white screens under such bright lighting conditions suffer from the washout effects of room lighting and this results in a milky, lackluster image. The DarkUST® material absorbs overhead lighting as well as side lighting to offer clear, contrast rich imagery.

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