Green Statement

It is important to maintain a responsible approach toward minimizing the adverse impact of industrialized production upon our natural world. Elite Screens is dedicated to doing its part in the growing movement of manufacturers that promote the idea of modern humankind coexisting with the
serene diversity of our worldwide ecosystem.

Our Manufacturing Standards

We have adopted manufacturing methods that promote conservative regulation of our energy needs. Our simple product designs combined with the expertise of our permanent staff ensures that our entire product line is made by experienced hands devoted to the high standards of the
discriminating consumer. Simplified component fabrication reduces costly energy consumption and greatly reduces failure rates that contribute to excessive production requirements. Extra trimmings of fabric, steel, aluminum and plastics are recycled to reduce the need for new mineral extraction,
additional polymer manufacturing and landfill expansion. Elite Screens’ projection material is surfaced with chemical compounds that comply with US EPA guidelines and we are always developing ways to incorporate new mixtures that will have less impact than the current synthetic products on hand
today. Although product performance is key to a manufacturer’s success finding new ways to enhance the physical health of this world with our production is true progress.

In Packaging and Shipping

Elite Screens cardboard shipping packages are composed of new and recycled material. We created an innovative design with our fixed frame screens that allows the horizontal spans to separate thus creating a 48% reduction in the package length. This means one of our most common selling products
has had its shipping size literally cut in half which will reflect in our container, palletized and drop shipment fuel consumption by saving precious space in ocean liners, van lines and aircraft transport.

In Waste Management

It is our objective to make sure materials of valuable use remain in circulation instead of contributing to the spread of our ever-increasing landfills. All of our discarded carton packaging material, scrap plastics and metals are recycled through a network of local salvagers daily.

In Office Waste Management

Although our factory works hard doing their part, our corporate office contributes to conservation as well.
• All discarded office paper is recycled
• All used computer equipment is recycled accordingly for metals and plastic (ABS) recycling.
• All empty photocopier and printer cartridges are returned to our suppliers for refilling.