Saker Tab-Tension Plus Series

The Saker Tab-Tension Plus is a commercial grade large-venue electric tab-tensioned projector screen. Its tab-tension design allows the material to have uniform flatness on the entire projection surface to accommodate ultra/short and standard throw projectors. It includes a pair of built-in heavy-duty mounting brackets on each end for a ceiling suspended installation. Control options included consist of Infrared and Radio Frequency remote controls, a wall box controller, and 12-volt capability to synchronize the screen’s operation with the projector’s power cycle.


Available in the following projection material

Material NameGainViewing AngleDescription
CineWhite® 1.1180°CineWhite® has broad light dispersion through diffusion uniformity, black  & white contrast and true color rendition. Recommended for rooms with controlled lighting. Works with Standard, Ultra/Short-throw 1080P/4K projectors.
  • 5-year warranty

Screen Material(s)

  • CineWhite® (matte white) versatile material with 1.1 Gain and 180° wide viewing angle
  • 4K/8K Ultra HD, and HDR Ready
  • Standard black masking borders enhances perceived contrast and absorbs projector overshoot
  • Black backing on material eliminates light penetration
  • Available in 180″ diagonal size in 16:9 aspect ratio

Design and Installation

  • Heavy-duty aluminum white case is durable and moisture resistant
  • Floating installation brackets provide easy alignment with wood studs to accommodate a wall or ceiling installation
  • Tab-tension design helps maintain a flat and taut projection surface that is ripple-free
  • Plug & Play design with built-in low voltage control system, no hardwire installation required

Control System

  • Includes handheld Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) remote controls, and a wall box controller for manual on-wall operation.
  • User-friendly programmable vertical drop position for easy installation
  • Wall box controller is detachable for a clean look while maintaining RF & IR functionality
  • Built-in selectable channels allow one RF remote programming to control multiple screens and prevent interference
  • 12v trigger feature allows the screen’s UP/DOWN operation to synchronize with the projector’s power cycle
    • Wired 12v trigger capability via wall box controller
    • Wireless 12v trigger capability via Radio Frequency remote control

Quality and Reliability

  • Tubular motor allows swift operation with a superior weight tolerance and operational lifespan
  • 5-Year Premium Warranty