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3-Way Wall Switch, Motorized projector screen
3-Way Wall Switch

Detachable RJ-45 ethernet connection 3-way wall switch.

  • Detachable 3-way wall switch box connects to RJ45 port
  • Available in black or white
Part Number
For use with

 SakerSaker Tab-Tension, Saker Tab-Tension CLR®-SSaker PlusEvanesce Tab-Tension, Evanesce Plus


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5-12V Trigger Cable & IR, Motorized projector screen
5-12V trigger cable & IR “Eye” Receiver

Set of 5-12V trigger cable and IR “Eye” Receiver.

  • 6 inch 5-12 V trigger RJ-45 ethernet cable
  • Connects to all Kestrel screens to compatible projectors with 5-12 volt trigger output
  • 3 1/2 inch RJ-45 ethernet IR “Eye” Receiver for conceal installations
  • Allow the IR receiver “eye” to extend down for continued IR remote use
Model Number Description
ZSP-EYE&12V-B IR “eye” sensor & 5-12v trigger cable for All Elite Electric Screens
ZSP-EYE&12V-W IR “eye” sensor & 5-12v trigger cable for All Elite Electric Screens

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50 Feet RJ-45 Cable, Motorized projector screen
50 feet RJ-45 cable

The ZSP-12V-50B is a 50 feet RJ-45 cable to extend your accessories such as the 3-way wall switch, 5-12 v trigger, and IR “eye” sensor.

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AcousticPro 1080P3
AcousticPro 1080P3

The AcousticPro 1080P3 is an acoustically transparent perforated weave fabric front projection material. The angular weave eliminates the moire effect while presenting warm neutral colors for today’s high definition 1080P (1920×1080) and 4K UHD projectors.  The AcousticPro1080P3 allows speaker placement behind while allowing an exceptional acoustically transparent performance.

EliteProAV Series: AV Sable FrameAV ezFrame, AV Lunette

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AcousticPro UHD, Projector screen material
AcousticPro UHD

The AcousticPro UHD (ultra-high definition) is a moiré-free self-supported acoustically transparent front projection screen material.  The dense synthetic weave is compatible with Ultra-High Definition/4K resolutions while mitigating light penetration for a brighter picture. The AcousticPro UHD design maximizes sound penetration with minimal attenuation without compromising picture quality. The AcousticPro UHD material’s wide diffusion uniformity offers a broad viewing angle with superb picture quality across the entire surface.This provides equal brightness levels on or off axis.

“Speaking of “observing”, the Electric125H-AUHD performed admirably across a diversity of content and at all hours of day and night; its ambient light suppression was top-notch.” – Brian Dipert, EDN Network

EliteProAV Series: AV Aeon AUHD,  AV EvanesceAV Saker Tab-Tension AcousticPro UHDAV SpectrumAV VMAX Dual®

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Aeon CineGrey 5D® Series

Elite ProAV’s Aeon CineGrey 5D® is an EDGE FREE® Fixed Frame Screen with Ceiling/Ambient Light Rejecting (CLR®/ALR) Technology. It uses our award-winning ISF Certified CineGrey 5D®, which is an angular reflective front projection material designed to reflect and absorb ceiling and ambient light while maintaining superb picture quality. An LED back-lighting Kit is included for added aesthetics

The CineGrey 5D®  allows projected images to looks just as bright as a flat panel TV display. Typical matte white materials get washed out under ambient light conditions, rendering the image unwatchable. Aeon CineGrey 5D® is best suited for rooms that have minimal control of lighting, such as Sports Bars, Training/Conference rooms, House of Worship, etc.

Screen Material Dimensions

Model Material Height (inches) Material Width (inches)
AR100DHD5 51.7″ 89.6″
AR110DHD5 56.8″ 98.2″
AR120DHD5 61.3″ 107.0″
AR135DHD5 68.6″ 120.1″
AR150DHD5 76.0″ 133.1″
AR180DHD5 90.8″ 159.4″
AR200DHD5 100.6″ 176.8″

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AFlex5D with remote, passive 3D , digital multi-projector stacking system
  • 3840*1080 input & 2k x 1k (2048×1080) output
  • Support HDMI 1.4 standard 3D formats from Blu-ray, game, PC and Nvidia 3D Vision 1080P 100/120Hz 3D format
  • DVI-D input port connects to DVI & HDMI signals
  • Dual DVI-D output ports to support DVI & HDMI connections
  • Embedded audio input and output via HDMI connection
  • 10-bits scaler with high performance de-interlace and scaling
  • 3D demultiplexer decodes RH/LH for passive 3D display
  • “Perfect Sync” algorithm for zero latency between RH/LH channels in 3D mode
  • User friendly OSD and IR remote control.
  • Video wall function supports up to 15×15 matrix displays with pixel base bezel adjustment
  • Support uncompressed 3840*1080 input with dual 1080p outputs for 2 full HD TV video wall display.
  • Supports Blu-ray 1080p 24Hz frame packed and PC 1080P 100/120Hz Nvidia 3D for 720p/XGA 100/120Hz active 3D display.

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Aeon CLR® Series, fixed frame projector screen
AV Aeon CLR® Series

The Aeon CLR® is an EDGE FREE CLR® fixed frame screen that uses Elite’s innovative StarBright CLR® (Ceiling Light Rejecting®) material. Its serriform optical surface lens microstructure negates the washout effect of ambient light especially from overhead sources. This also enables the material to provide contrast levels that are 100 times greater than that of standard matte white projection screens.

StarBright CLR® is specifically designed for ultra-short-throw projectors to provide a large-screen performance in the close quarters of most residential or even training environments.  Aeon CLR® with StarBright CLR® offers a wide viewing angle, neutral color temperature, and enhanced picture contrast in a theater-grade image.

EDGE FREE CLR® means there is an internal framework with wraparound material bordered with an ultra-thin bezel.  The screen uses a Ceiling Light Rejection® technology. An LED back-lighting Kit is included for added aesthetics.

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AV Aeon Series

The Aeon Series is a fixed frame projection screen that uses Elite’s EDGE FREE® technology. The EDGE FREE® design resembles a giant size flat panel TV display. The Aeon includes an ultra-thin trim as an installation option to further enhance the overall appearance.

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AV ChromaFlux ScreenPaint5DS2
AV ChromaFlux ScreenPaint5DS2 Series

ChromaFlux ScreenPaint5DS2 – Sprayed is a water-based projection screen paint for 2D and 3D applications. A truly versatile solution that allows nearly any surface to be transformed into a quality 2D and 3D projection surface.

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AV CineTensionB Main
AV CineTension B Series

The CineTension B is the ideal tab-tensioned projector screen for the CE Retail channel. It has a long distance IR/RF remote control kit. A detachable wall switch keypad is also included. Its tab-tension design ensures that its CineWhite® UHD  material maintains the necessary flatness for its wide diffusion uniformity. The white aluminum housing is designed to accommodate floating wall/ceiling brackets that align with wall studs and ceiling joists providing a simple DIY installation.

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CineTension2 Series, motorized projector screen
AV CineTension2 Series

AV CineTension2 is a robust and well made electric motorized projector screen. Its tab-tensioned material provides uniform flatness and has a wide viewing angle. The 1.1 gain material is also 4K Ultra HD and active 3D ready. It drops and retracts by means of a powerful tubular motor and its sliding installation brackets ensure a perfectly centered installation. A full IR/RF, RJ45 and 5-12 volt trigger control package is included.

Available in the following projection materials

Material Name Gain Viewing Angle Description
CineWhite®  1.1 180° CineWhite® has broad light dispersion through diffusion uniformity, black  & white contrast and true color rendition. Recommended for rooms with controlled lighting. Works with Standard, Ultra/Short-throw 1080P/4K projectors.

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