Case Study: Saker Tab-Tension 2 Large Venue Electric Projector Screen Makes its Big Appearance at the Hollywood Hall in Moreno Valley, Ca.


The popular Inland Empire venue uses Elite ProAV’s 120” screen for large reception hall. The property owner, Edgar spoke about the screen’s finer qualities in serving the video needs for large groups in his main event room.

The room has a capacity for 300 guests and is constantly in demand for both business and family events. Edgar spoke extensively of the screen’s benefit as it would be used often with a variety of standard ‘long-throw’ projectors.

“We chose the projector screen system because it would allow our guests to see (the picture) from every corner in the hall” said Edgar. “You can really see the quality of the materials. It allows the picture to be very bright with vivid colors.” It is important to use a projection material crafted for optimal performance. The CineWhite® material ensures that color saturation, contrast, and black/white dynamic range is preserved for a crisp, clear, picture-perfect image. Edgar continued with how the Saker Tab-Tension 2 provided a solution to problems he had previously with his old projection screen. “We chose an electric screen because it is very convenient for us. With this simple remote, just push a button and ‘boom’ you are set up. We used to have a manual screen and we had to climb on a chair to grab the handle and pull it down. Sometimes the (mechanism) got stuck in the middle but this (new) system is a piece of cake.”  Not only is the Saker Tab-Tension a superior product, it solves problems that commonly plague many large-venue establishments. Elite ProAV® has a professional team willing to assist you with your facilities’ rooms both big and small.


About the Saker Tab-Tension Electric Projection Screen – The Saker Tab-Tension 2 Series is an electric projection screen draped with our flexible tab-tensioned CineWhite front projection material that provides excellent color uniformity with a wide viewing angle.  It’s tab-tension design assures a flat and taut projection surface that is compatible with ultra, short, and standard throw projectors. It includes a pair of wall brackets for a flush wall/ceiling installation. Also included is a pair of eye-bolt screws that attach to the top of the case for a suspended ceiling installation. Standard features include a wireless 5-12 volt trigger, IR/RF remote control package, and a detachable manual keypad switch. The SKT120XWH2-E12 model featured in this video is a 120” size in a 16:9 (HDTV) aspect ratio.

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