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  • Spectra White Fiberglass (FG)

    Spectra White Fiberglass (FG)

    Elite’s new Spectra White Fiberglass is a self-supporting matte white front projection screen surface with fiberglass backing. The fiberglass backing reduces the amount of curling on the edges that common non-tensioned materials are susceptible to. This feature helps maintain flatness throughout the entire material.

    The Spectra White Fiberglass produces outstanding images that are rich in color and contrast in environments with controlled lighting. Offers a broad viewing angle with wide diffusion uniformity for a clear bright image from any angle. The screen surface has a black–backing to eliminate light penetration, is mildew resistant, and washable with mild soap & water.

    Elite ProAV Series: AV Starling Tab-Tension 2

  • VersaWhite, Projector screen material


    VersaWhite Material performs as versatile as a Matte White screen material with the addition of being a dry-erase surface as well. The surface is coated with a scratch-resistant nanotech resin and transparent dry-erase layer for use as a white board while keeping uniform diffusion and enhancing true color rendition.

    Elite ProAV Series: WhiteBoardScreen™ Thin Edge Series

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  • WraithVeil, Projector screen material


    WraithVeil® is our rear projection screen material. It has a high gain performance for applications with a high ambient light intrusion. Its 2.2 gain configuration is ideal for events such as clubs, restaurants, trade shows, meeting rooms, and outside evening presentations. Its special surface coating enhances color reproduction and black level contrast with wide uniformity  for large audiences. Seamless screen sizes are available in sizes up to 200″.

    Elite ProAV Series: Yard Master Pro, Yard Master Pro 2

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  • WraithVeil2

    WraithVeil® 2

    The WraithVeil® 2 screen is an off axis rear projection projector material for a variety of rear-mounted projector arrays. It is ideal for events such as clubs, restaurants, trade shows, meeting rooms, and outside evening presentations.

    Elite ProAV Series: AV Insta-RP 2

  • WraithVeil Dual

    WraithVeil® Dual

    The WraithVeil® Dual is a 2-directional  flexible vinyl projection screen material. It is designed to accommodate either front or rear projection. This versatile material eliminates the need to swap out the projection material to accommodate a front or rear projector array. It offers a 150° wide viewing angle and color balance for a variety of presentations.

    The WraithVeil® Dual performs best under controlled room lighting, but is capable of providing excellent performance with mild levels of ambient light when using a high lumens standard or ultra/short-throw projector.

    Its pliable tension properties ensure a uniformly taut projection surface for exceptional projected imagery.

    Elite ProAV Series: Saker Tab-Tension Plus