Projection Expo 2020 Best of Show Award Goes to The Tripod Tab-Tension Pro CineGrey 5D®



About the Tripod Tab-Tension Pro CineGrey 5D® Series

Tripod Tab-Tension CineGrey 5D® series – There’s nothing revolutionary about a portable tripod-stand screen, and Elite ProAV has tab-tensioned versions with white screen material. But featuring the company’s CineGrey 5D® ALR/CLR (ambient light rejecting/ceiling light rejecting) material constitutes one of those “what took so long?” moments for the industry, which hasn’t had an affordable and easily transportable standalone ALR screen till now. The CineGrey 5D® material is ISF-Certified and uses a combination of reflective and absorbent micro particles to reject up to 75% of overhead light, while diffusion layers enhance black level and color saturation.