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  • Saker Tab-Tension Series, Motorized projector screen
    Standard Throw

    Saker Tab-Tension Series

    The Saker Tab-Tension Series is an electric projection screen draped with our MaxWhite® Fiberglass front projection material that provides excellent color uniformity with a wide viewing angle. It’s tab-tension assists in keeping the material from curling on the sides. It includes a pair of wall brackets for a flush wall installation. Also included is a pair of eye-bolt screws that attach to the top of the case for a suspended ceiling installation. Standard features include a wireless 5-12 volt trigger, IR/RF remote control package, and a detachable manual keypad switch.


    Available in the following front projection materials

    Material Name Gain Viewing Angle Description
    Fiberglass (FG)
     1.1 180° MaxWhite® Fiberglass (FG) is fiberglass backed for added stiffness which provides the flattest possible non-tensioned screen surface with universal applications. This material provides wide viewing uniform diffusion while giving precise definition, color reproduction and black & white contrast.


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