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3-Way Wall Switch, Motorized projector screen
3-Way Wall Switch

Detachable RJ-45 ethernet connection 3-way wall switch.

  • Detachable 3-way wall switch box connects to RJ45 port
  • Available in black or white
Part Number
For use with

 SakerSaker Tab-Tension, Saker Tab-Tension CLR®-SSaker PlusEvanesce Tab-Tension, Evanesce Plus


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5-12V Trigger Cable & IR, Motorized projector screen
5-12V trigger cable & IR “Eye” Receiver

Set of 5-12V trigger cable and IR “Eye” Receiver.

  • 6 inch 5-12 V trigger RJ-45 ethernet cable
  • Connects to all Kestrel screens to compatible projectors with 5-12 volt trigger output
  • 3 1/2 inch RJ-45 ethernet IR “Eye” Receiver for conceal installations
  • Allow the IR receiver “eye” to extend down for continued IR remote use
Model Number Description
ZSP-EYE&12V-B IR “eye” sensor & 5-12v trigger cable for All Elite Electric Screens
ZSP-EYE&12V-W IR “eye” sensor & 5-12v trigger cable for All Elite Electric Screens

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50 Feet RJ-45 Cable, Motorized projector screen
50 feet RJ-45 cable

The ZSP-12V-50B is a 50 feet RJ-45 cable to extend your accessories such as the 3-way wall switch, 5-12 v trigger, and IR “eye” sensor.

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In-Wall Up/Down switches – ZIW, Motorized projector screen
In-Wall Up/Down switches – ZIW

EliteProAV’s In-wall switches allow Up/Down electric screen control from the flip or flick of a button.

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In-Wall Up/Down- ZIW-Module, Motorized projector screen
In-Wall Up/Down-ZIW-Module

The ZIW-Module is an RJ-45 input module for customized wall switch placards.

  • Enables installation of any after-market wall switch
  • Module splices to Elite Screens’ 12-volt trigger via Cat5 network cable (trigger and additional Cat5 cable not included)
Part Numbers
Series Name

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IR Remote, Motorized projector screen
IR Remote

Infrared remote control

  • IR remote for Electric screens
  • Works up to 30 feet
  • Choice of Black or White
  • Includes slide pocket for wall installation
  • Requires two AAA batteries (included)
 Part Number Color For use with
ZSP-IR-B Black Saker, Saker Tab-Tension, Saker Tab-Tension CineGrey 5D®Evanesce Tab-Tension, Evanesce Plus, Saker Plus
ZSP-IR-W White

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RF Remote, Motorized projector screen
RF Remote

Radio Frequency remote control for all Electric Series models.

  • RF remote for Electric screens
  • Works up to 100 feet
  • Choice of Black or White
  • Includes slide pocket for wall installation
  • Requires two AAA batteries (included)
Part Number Color For use with
ZSP-RF-W White Saker, Saker Tab-Tension,Saker Tab-Tension CLR®-SEvanesce Tab-Tension, Evanesce Plus, Saker Plus, Kestrel Stage, Kestrel Stage NTC
ZSP-RF-B Black

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CineTension 2 Ceiling Trim Kit, Motorized projector screen
Universal Ceiling Trim Kit
  • In-ceiling trim kit for Saker Tab-Tension Plus WraithVeil® Dual Series
  • Adjustable framework provides a variable design to accommodate US measured spacing requirements
  • Screen cradling structure accommodates all 120, 135 and″ 150″  models

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Universal Wireless 5-12V Projector Trigger | ZU12V, Motorized projector screen
Universal Wireless 5-12V Projector Trigger | ZU12V

The perfect solution for projectors without a 12V trigger output.

  • Universal wireless projector trigger
  • Uses projector’s power to send a wireless radio frequency signal to your Elite Screens electric projection screen
  • Compatible with only Version 2.0/3.0 Electric Roll Up/Down screen
  • No 12V trigger output required from projector
  • Synchronizes to the projector’s power cycle to wirelessly drop and rise the screen
  • Control distance range,up to 80 feet
  • Operates in either 110 volts or 220 volts

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Whiteboard Cleaning Products, Whiteboard projector screen
Whiteboard Cleaning Products

ZER1 : Elite High Density WhiteBoardScreen Eraser, 2 pcs set
ZER2 : Set of pens, high-density erasers, and a self-stick cradle
(2 pens, 2 erasers, 1 cradle)
ZER3 : WhiteBoardScreen Cleaning Kit
( Pen x4, Eraser x2, Cleaning Cloth x1, Cleaning solution bottle x 1)
ZER4 : 5 pc set of High Density whiteboard erasers
ZERC3 : WhiteBoard Screen Cleaner – 250ml bottle

  • Easily cleans your white board screen, without damaging or scuffing the surface
  • Extend the longevity of your Elite White-Board-Projection-Screen

For use with : WhiteBoardScreen™ Thin Edge

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Wireless 5-12V Trigger– ZSP-TR01, Motorized projector screen
Wireless 5-12V Trigger – ZSP-TR01 (Wall/Ceiling)

The ZSP-TR01 is a wireless 5-12 volt projector trigger to automatically drop/rise your screen when your projector is turned on/off.

  • Wireless Radio Frequency 5-12 volt trigger automatically controls your Elite electric screens (v2.0) up/down with your projector’s power cycle
  • RF (radio frequency) technology allows control up to 60 feet away
  • Eliminates the need to wire the connection from your projector to the screen for a clean installation
  • Long lasting battery life support up to two years or 2,000 up/down cycles

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Yard Master Pro Case
Yard Master Pro Case

Although the Yard Master Pro comes with a cloth carrying case, heavy commercial use requires a whole new level of protection.

The Yard Master Pro Case is an optional ATA Stage Case available for heavy rental & staging use. These durable flight cases feature Ply siding with metal reinforcements on all corners and edges. Additional features include swivel locks, folding handles and wheels on both sides. An internal contour foam lining provides added protection from the constant heavy use endemic to the world of rental and staging. These are available for the following 120”, 150”, and 180” models.

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