Elite ProAV® Will Showcase its Latest in Ceiling Light Rejecting (ALR/CLR®) Technology at InfoComm 2019


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Innovative designs bring large panel projection displays to the forefront of commercial facilities with high levels of ambient light

Elite ProAV is the dedicated line of commercial projection screens for Elite Screens Inc., and will be showing its product line at this year’s InfoComm event. (OCCC Booth# 4588).

What will be the focus of Elite ProAV® at InfoComm? The primary focus for Elite ProAV at Infocomm 2019 will be providing Ambient and Ceiling Light Rejecting (ALR/CLR®) solutions to small to large venue installations. By focusing on the most commonly requested sizes and aspect ratios, Elite maintains a large inventory of product available for immediate fulfillment.

What is “CLR®”? Ceiling Light Rejecting or CLR® is a special designation given to enhanced ambient light rejecting (ALR) materials when they are capable of rejecting 95% of overhead lighting. Most commercial environments have overhead light sources and so a product that can reduce the washout effects of ceiling light is absolutely essential.


Concept Products to be shown:

Presenter Pro CLR®2 Series – Portable free-standing screen with CLR material for bright room presentations with UST projectors
Saker Tab-Tension CLR® Series – Tab-tensioned electric CLR screen for UST projectors
Aeon CLR® Series – Fixed frame “EdgeFree®” CLR screen for UST projectors
Kestrel Free-Standing Electric CLR® Series – Electric “roll-up” CLR screen made for use with UST projectors
Saker DarkStar® 9 Series – ISF certified CLR material made for standard long-throw projection

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