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3-Way Wall Switch, Motorized projector screen
Detachable RJ-45 ethernet connection 3-way wall switch. Detachable 3-way wall switch box connects to RJ45 port Available in black or...
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5-12V Trigger Cable & IR, Motorized projector screen
Set of 5-12V trigger cable and IR "Eye" Receiver. 6 inch 5-12 V trigger RJ-45 ethernet cable Connects to...
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50 Feet RJ-45 Cable, Motorized projector screen
The ZSP-12V-50B is a 50 feet RJ-45 cable to extend your accessories such as the
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In-Wall Up/Down switches – ZIW, Motorized projector screen
EliteProAV's In-wall switches allow Up/Down electric screen control from the flip or flick of a button. Easy connection via the...
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In-Wall Up/Down- ZIW-Module, Motorized projector screen
The ZIW-Module is an RJ-45 input module for customized wall switch placards. Enables installation of any after-market wall switch Module splices...
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IR Remote, Motorized projector screen
Infrared remote control IR remote for Electric screens Works up to 30 feet Choice of Black or White Includes...
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RF Remote, Motorized projector screen
Radio Frequency remote control for all Electric Series models. RF remote for Electric screens Works up to 100 feet ...
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Universal Wireless 5-12V Projector Trigger | ZU12V, Motorized projector screen
The perfect solution for projectors without a 12V trigger output. Universal wireless projector trigger Uses projector's power to send...
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